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Cosmetic services

Cosmetic services

The clinic offers cosmetic services performed by our specially trained nurse Kim Cheah, under the supervision of Drs McCombe and Van der Horst.
Please contact Kim to arrange a consult.

Travel vaccinations

Travelling overseas?

The clinic offers comprehensive travel vaccination and advice. We have vaccines for any travel destination at very competitive prices.
There is no need to attend special travel clinics that are kilometres away and charge exorbitant prices.
We are also a Yellow Fever Vaccine provider.

Health services

Health checks

Specific age-related checks:
45-49 year old
Women's Health Checks
Also available are Insurance and work-related Medicals

Skin checks

With years of experience, our team of doctors are highly-skilled in detecting possible skin cancers.

Diving medicals

Both Recreational and Commercial Diving Medicals are available.

Procedure room

Minor operations such as excisions and vasectomies are carried out under local anaesthetic.

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